Load-Out on the Web Portal

Load-Out on the Web Portal

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

To add the Load-Out module to your Fast-Weigh subscription, contact us at 865-219-2980 or support@tacinsight.com

You can use the Load-Out module to track how long a truck is in the yard after taring in and before ticketing out.
Note: The Load-Out module must also be configured for the Ticketing Application before use. 

Load-Out Dashboard

  • The Dashboard is where you can see real-time graphs of the trucks that have been tared-in to your yard at-a-glance. It shows each truck that is in-yard, along with how long they have been in the yard.
    • You can narrow down the dashboard by region and location, as well. 

Load-Out In-Yard

  • This page shows more detailed information about the trucks that are currently in-yard.
  • You can sort your truck information using filter funnels and remove trucks from the yard here.

Load-Out History

  • The Load-Out History page allows you to query trucks by Location, Date range, Truck ID, or Beacon ID to look at every time a truck entered into the yard and then ticketed out.
  • You can sort your history using filter funnels and Export your history to Excel.

Fast-Weigh Load-Out is an optional feature add-on. To add Load-Out to your Fast-Weigh subscription, contact us today at 865-219-2980 or support@tacinsight.com.

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