The Fast Weigh Web Portal is a browser based tool used for administration of your Fast Weigh account. While the Fast Weigh Desktop Application is primarily used for ticketing at a scale house, the Web Portal allows users to invoice, generate quotes and reports, manage trucks and haulers, or track inventory. The Web Portal has a variety of applications standardized for most businesses, and a catalogue of additional modules that can be requested as needed. In the Reference menu, you will find a complete breakdown of each section and menu option within the Web Portal. Below you will find an example of the page layout for most sections and instructions to help navigate.

Example Header

  • Expandable Boxes

  • Additional Modules

Parent pages are broken up so you can quickly reference information to determine if you need to view the associated child page. Above is an example of the Table of Contents found on each page, which will contain clickable links to redirect you to the full page articles. Below is an example of the information snapshot, which can be viewed by clicking the arrow on the left side.

Expandable Boxes

Contained in these boxes are snapshots of information present in each tab of the Fast-Weigh Web Portal. This area will briefly explain the contents of the associated article, as there are many options, text fields, and sub menus within each page.

Additional Modules

Some of the menu tabs shown in the References are additional modules that may not be active in your Fast-Weigh subscription. For a full list of Additional Modules, view this article, click the link in the Table of Contents, or contact our Support team.

For assistance within the Web Portal or the Desktop Application, please contact Fast Weigh Support by emailing support@tacinsight.com or by phone at 865-219-2980.

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