Order Status Update

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

The  Order Status Update tool is used to quickly set old orders to inactive or closed. 

Using the Order Status Update tool

Navigate to  Order Status Update 

Query the orders you wish to change the status for

  • Last Haul: This will query orders that have not been ticketed for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.
  • Region: This narrows down your search to only include a set region.
  • Customer: This narrows down your search to only include a set customer.
  • Include Open Orders: This can be toggled to include orders that are set as open to price updates.
  • Set Selected To: You can update older order to be closed or inactive.

You can view the products on any queried order by clicking the arrow on the far left.

The system automatically changes the query when parameters are set and selects all orders in the query, so make sure to confirm only the orders you want to update are checked.

Click save to update the status of the selected orders.

Check out our Knowledge Base article on Creating & Managing Orders for more information about Order settings.