Fast-Weigh Unattended Kiosk (Older Model)

Fast-Weigh Unattended Kiosk

To add an unattended kiosk to your Fast-Weigh subscription, contact us at 865-219-2980 or

Kiosk Quickstart Guide

Open the Unit

The unit comes with two hex keys which go into the two covered slots at bottom. Insert both keys and turn to left to unlock. Once unlocked, carefully lift the front panel straight out toward you.

Unit Startup

The unit is powered by an internal breaker switch. Flip the blue breaker switch up to power on the unit.

Fast-Weigh Startup Operations

Once the unit has power, click on the Windows Start icon and select Fast-Weigh Ticketing to start the ticketing program in kiosk mode. When you generate the first ticket, an Advanced Printing window will open. Minimize the Advanced Printing window, or click on the Fast-Weigh program behind the window to allow printing operations to continue running in the background.

Note: Do not close the Advanced Printing window. It is required for the kiosk to print.

Fast-Weigh Ticketing Operations

Assigning Truck Proximity Cards:
Each truck needs to be assigned a unique proximity ID card which is associated by entering the RFID/BLE field on the Truck Setup screen. After new trucks are entered, a sync must be performed for the new proximity card to be recognized on the kiosk.

Taring a truck:
Once a truck has been set up, you can now capture a tare or empty weight by parking on the scale while empty and then using the proximity card to pull up the associated truck. Simply press the large “Save Tare” button on the right side of screen.

Creating a Load Ticket:
Once a tare weight has been established, you can now run a load for that truck. Park the loaded truck on the scale and use your proximity card to ID the truck. Then follow these steps:

  1. Choose appropriate customer (You may only have one customer to choose from).
  2. Choose the order associated with the customer.
  3. Choose the product associated with the order.
  4. Verify the information is correct and press "Create Ticket" button.
  5. Kiosk will print one or more tickets, depending on Settings.

Unit Shutdown & On/Off Timer

To shut down the system, press the Windows Start button in the lower left corner, click Power, and choose Shut Down. Once shut down is complete, open the front panel of the unit and flip the blue breaker switch to Off. On certain occasions, you may need to shut down Windows and restart the computer. Once Windows is shut down, open the front panel and locate the silver power switch on computer motherboard.

Optional: You can also program a digital timer and set On/Off times so the unit will operate only during selected time frames. We advise you to use your kiosk for a few days to get comfortable with its operation before utilizing this feature. Please contact us for assistance on how to set this up.

Loading Printer Paper

The Fast-Weigh kiosk comes with an Epson M-T532 Mech 80mm or 3" Thermal Receipt Printer which supports paper rolls up to 110mm in diameter, or 280', and it has an auto cutting feature. Thermal direct paper is sensitive to heat and prints by heating the paper to expose print color, usually black. The paper is designed with the print chemical only on one side, so if installed upside-down, nothing will print. To load paper, release the spindle bar and insert it through the hollow center paper core. Then replace spindle bar and lock back in place. With unit powered on, simply take the end of the paper and insert it into the opening on the back side of the printer. The unit will automatically sense the paper and the motor will feed the correct amount to prepare for the first print job.