Adding & Managing Tax Code Groups 🎥

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Tax Code Groups

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Adding and Managing Tax Code Groups

Tax Code Groups can be assigned to a Product on an Order or Quote to allow your scale operator to set the Tax Code for the product at the time of ticketing. 

  • To set up a Tax Group, navigate to  Resources > Billing > Tax Codes and then select the Tax Code Groups tab

  • To set up a new Group, click the  [+ New Group] button.     
  • Enter the group name and click Update.

  • Select the new group from the list to assign existing tax codes to the group.

Once the tax codes are selected, they will automatically be saved to the group.

Assigning Tax Code Groups to Products

Once you have set up all of your Tax Code Groups, you can assign them to your Products when creating an Order or Quote.

  • Navigate to Orders or Quotes > Add or Edit Product.
  • On the Product setup pop-up, you can set a Tax Group and a Tax Code for the product. 
    • When you set a Tax Code Group and a Tax Code for a product, the ticket will default to the assigned Tax Code, but can still be set to any other code in the group at the time of ticketing. 
    • If you do not set a Tax Code Group, the ticket will default to the Tax Code set on the product and cannot be changed during ticketing. 
  • Click [Update] to save the Product to the Order or Quote.

Now that your Tax Code Group has been assigned to the product, you can set the Tax Code while ticketing