Adding & Managing Trucks & Haulers

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal


Before new Trucks can be added to your Fast-Weigh 10 system, you must have one or more Haulers to attach them to. In most cases, the Hauler is a carrier, trucking company, or customer who owns the truck(s) you will be ticketing. You can also think of each hauler as a folder that one or more trucks belong to.

Tips to remember: 

  • All trucks must be assigned to a Hauler. 
  • One Hauler can have an unlimited number of Trucks attached to it. 
  • Even if a truck stands alone and does not belong to a larger trucking company, you will still need to create a hauler for it first and then create the truck.
  • When adding a new truck on either the Web Portal or the desktop scale application, choosing a Hauler for that truck is a requirement.
  • All Hauler IDs and Truck IDs must be unique. Hauler IDs can be up to 20 characters in length. Truck IDs can be up to 10 characters. Please use the Name field for the full hauler name.


    Hauler ID:

    Hauler Name:
    Jay Williams' Trucking

    Various Truck IDs attached to that Hauler:

Adding & Managing Haulers from the Web Portal

  • Go to Trucks >> Haulers.
  • Click the [+New Hauler] button.
  • OR, to edit an existing Hauler, click Edit.

  • Fill in the information (Hauler ID and Name are required)
  • If your company owns the hauler and all of its trucks, change the Hauler Type field from External to Internal.
  • IMPORTANT: If adding Haulers from the Web Portal, you must specify a region OR check the All Regions checkbox. Otherwise, trucks under that Hauler will not be visible at the desktop ticketing app.


  • When finished, click Update.

Adding & Managing Trucks from the Web Portal

  • Trucks for all haulers can be added or managed by going to Trucks >> Trucks.
  • Add a truck via the [+New Truck ] button. Both a Hauler and a Truck ID are required.

  • To edit a Truck, use the [Edit] button in the Truck table. Here, you may set expiration dates for licenses and insurance. You can also leave these fields blank.
    **NOTE: If a truck’s documents are expired, they will not sync to the desktop scale application and cannot be ticketed.
  • Make sure the truck's Status is set to Active. Inactive trucks cannot be found at the scale app and, therefore, can't be ticketed.
    **Tip: If you cannot locate a truck at the desktop scale app, check the Web Portal to see if it is Inactive.

  • Images & documents: Highlighting a truck in the table will allow you to upload relevant images and documents. These may include truck inspection photos, license and insurance paperwork, or anything else important for truck maintenance and records.

Information entered on the Web Portal is automatically sent to the scale or mobile ticketing device platform, so be sure to sync both of these often.

Trucks and Haulers may also be managed from the Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop scale house app. Any tare weights captured at the scale house will be synced to the Web Portal.

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