Connecting a Scale to the App

Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop Ticketing Application


In the FW10 Desktop ticketing app, the weight reads 0. How do I configure the scale so the program can read it?

What you're actually configuring are the settings for the  weight indicator attached to the scale, not the scale itself. To configure the weight indicator, go to SETTINGS via the small icon at the top-right menu. Settings will also open the first time you run the program after installation.

Then go to DEVICES to enter all of your "scale settings" -- This is where your weight indicator specs go.

How do I connect the weight indicator's serial cable to the computer? It doesn't seem to be communicating with the FW10 Desktop program.

Windows 10 is not compatible with direct serial communication. So, to use our software, most users require an inexpensive device called a USB-Serial Adapter, which you can find at Office Depot, Best Buy, or other stores that carry computer accessories and parts. We suggest the "Insignia" brand available at Best Buy.

What weight indicator specifications do I need to have on hand before installing FW10 Desktop?

The specs usually needed to configure the program to read the weight indicator are the COMM Port, Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, and sometimes Stop Bits. Our team can usually help you determine Gross in Pos and Chars to Read during scale house installation.

The Comm Port refers to which port your serial-to-USB adapter is using in your PC. You can find this by visiting the Device Manager in Windows 10 and viewing Ports (COM & LPT)

The Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, and Stop Bits scale specs can often be found within the settings in the ticketing software used before switching to FW10, on the back of the weight indicator, or in the weight indicator instruction manual. 

If you cannot locate your weight indicator specs, please contact the scale or weight indicator manufacturer.

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