Ticket Query: Locate, View, & Manage Tickets 🎥

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Ticket Query: Locate, View, & Manage Tickets

The Ticket Query screen gives users detailed access to ticket data. Narrow your search based on many different filters like Region, Location, Yard, Customer, Order number, Product, Hauler, Truck, Ticket number, Date Range, or even single Ticket numbers.

Additional query filters:

  • MP Tkt #: Use this option if tickets were created with multiple products on a single ticket
    Note: The multi-product ticketing feature is new and still under beta-testing. If you plan to start using this feature, please do so under guidance from a TAC Insight employee. For more information, contact us at support@tacinsight.com.
  • Operator: Scalehouse PC or mobile device operator name. These names are defined under the Devices tab.
  • Batch #: Batch numbers are defined when billing a group of tickets. To find out the Batch # for tickets that have been billed, go to Billing >> Billing History and search invoice batches by date.
  • Invoice #: Created during a billing. To find out the Invoice # for tickets that have been billed, go to Billing >> Billing History and search invoice batches by date. Then click the small expansion arrow on the left side of the table to view a batch and any invoice numbers within it.

Viewing Ticket Details

You can view driver signatures (if used) or PDF copies of tickets by clicking the  Signature and PDF buttons, respectively. These are located in the ticket query table (you will likely need to scroll right to see these buttons). The Notes button will also appear in the Revision column if a ticket has been edited. More on editing tickets below.

Editing and Exporting Tickets Found in the Query

  • Editing: To edit a ticket’s data, you can click the Edit button at the far right of the table. You will likely need to scroll right to see it. If you make changes to a ticket, a revision note is required to explain the change. After editing a ticket, the Notes button will appear in the Revision column in the ticket query table.
    NOTE: Tickets cannot be edited after they have already been used to create an invoice. In this case, you must clear the invoice before the tickets can be edited.
  • Exporting: Users may export the queried ticket data via the Export to Excel button at the top right of the table. This will download the tickets into an Excel spreadsheet which can be used for further analysis.

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