Taring Trucks

Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop Ticketing Application

When a truck arrives at the scale, you can capture the truck's empty weight (its tare) by going to the Trucks screen. Find the Trucks screen by clicking the dump truck icon in the menu at left.

The Trucks Screen

  • Choose a truck by clicking the gray plus [+] sign next to TRUCK. 

    Or you may simply type the existing Truck ID and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Click the TARE WEIGHT field and enter the weight in the field by A] simply pressing Enter on your keyboard (the weight from a connected weight indicator will load in the field automatically) or B] you may type the weight in by hand.
  • Click Save. Your truck has been tared and is ready for ticketing.

All recorded tares, edited trucks, or other changes made at the desktop application will be sent up to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal  upon syncing.

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