Using Haul Zones

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

Fast-Weigh 10’s Haul Zone feature allows you to develop variable custom freight and hauling rates that are assigned at the ticketing level. 

Setting Up Haul Zones

Haul Zones must be enabled in Portal Settings before they can be used.

  • Once enabled, the Haul Zones page link will appear in the Orders menu.
  • Set the Region and Location above the Haul Zone table.
    • Each Haul Zone you set up will be specific to a particular Location.

Click the [+New Haul Zone] button to set up a new Haul Zone.


Set the  Freight Type to Per Unit or Per Load.Add a  Name and Description to identify the Haul Zone.

Set up a  Freight and Hauler Rate (if used).

Check the  Active box to use the Haul Zone.



Using Haul Zones

To use your Haul Zones on an Order, check the  Use Haul Zones checkbox on the order setup page. Once Haul Zones are attached to an order, they can be selected during ticketing.

When you select an Order with Haul Zones while ticketing, a new Haul Zone field will appear under the Order Info.

Type in the Haul Zone name or use the Search button to pick from the list.     

If you cannot find the Haul Zone you are looking for, make sure that it is set up in the Location you are ticketing in.