Ticket Entry: Entering Tickets from Sources Beyond Fast-Weigh

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal


Here, users can add ticket data to be used for billing and reporting. This feature is designed specifically for hauling companies and other users who are receiving load tickets from outside quarries and companies, but still need to bill their customers for these tickets through Fast-Weigh 10. The Ticket Entry module allows you to add those tickets to the Fast-Weigh database so they will become searchable through Ticket Query and can be invoiced via Billing.

The Ticket Entry screen is built for entering ticket data quickly. 

Users can tab through the fields to avoid leaving the keyboard. For the selection fields ( Region, Order, Product, Hauler, Truck, etc.), hitting enter will select the highlighted product.

Other Ticket Entry fields defined:

  • Date: Date on the ticket
  • Ticket #: Ticket number listed on the ticket
  • Net Units: Units for the product listed on the ticket, recorded in tons, per each, etc.
  • Job, Phase, and Cost Type are fields you may or may not find on the ticket, and they are not required. There are a few particular companies that use these fields on tickets, but you may also use them for whatever additional information your company needs to add.

SAVE: After adding a batch of tickets, users should verify the data, make any needed changes, and when done, click save to submit the ticket to the Fast-Weigh database.

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