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Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop Ticketing Application


What computer specifications are best for FW10 scale house ticketing?

  • To run Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop for scale house ticketing, the PC must have Windows 10. All new PCs come with this standard these days, but if you have PCs that are running an older operating system, they can currently be upgraded at no cost via Windows Update.
  • All other specs are a matter of preference and also depend on any other applications that will run on the same PC. 
  • Most of our customers opt for a PC with 8+ GB of RAM, 128gb+ SSD for storage, and a sufficient number of USB slots for any peripherals you want to run (keyboard, mouse, direct printer connection, etc.)
  • You'll also need a free USB slot for the connection to the weight indicator.

What kind of printer and paper do I need to print tickets?

  • Fast-Weigh 10 does not support dot matrix printing.
  • Fast-Weigh 10 can print to any Windows 10 compatible LaserJet printer. Just about every customer we have uses a different printer model, but we recommend the professional LaserJet printer lines by HP and Canon, as they tend to be well-supported and reliable.
  • Multi-part perforated tickets are the industry norm. This allows you to have copies of each ticket for as many parties as you choose, including the back office, scale house, trucker, customer, etc.
    Here is a great resource for  perforated ticket paper:
  • Two things to watch out for are the print speed and supported paper types. If you choose to go with a thicker-stock ticket, you'll want to be sure you purchase a printer that will support it.

Can I use a signature pad to capture driver signatures?

What kind of camera should I use for Truck Image Capture?

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