Creating New Payments

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

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1. Creating New Payments
2. Invoices
3. Customer Payment Information
4. Creating Cash Invoices

With the Fast-Weigh AR & Payments module, you can handle invoice payments directly through the Fast-Weigh Web Portal via Cash, Credit, or ACH. Streamline your material sales and payment collection process. Fast-Weigh AR & Payments offers low-cost processing rates with no hidden fees and allows you to deposit funds in the bank of your choice.

Creating New Payments

To pay an outstanding invoice, navigate to the New Payment page from Billing / AR > New Payment or from the Payment button on the Customer Balances page.

From the table on the Customer Balances screen, you can click the Payment button next to any Customer to apply a payment for that Customer. If selecting New Payment from the main menu at the top of the page, you will need to choose a Customer manually.


The first screen you will see on the New Payments page will display any open invoices for the selected Customer that have not yet been paid.

On this table, the Edit button allows you to modify the Amount to Pay if a Customer wishes to remit a partial payment or overpayment for an Invoice. The Remove button will remove a single Ticket from an Invoice.

To make a payment, check one or more Invoices. The fields on the right will update with the total payment amount.

The Selected Amount Total will always show the summed total for all of the Invoices checked.

The Payment Amount Total will update to the summed total, but can be changed if the Customer is doing a partial payment or overpayment.

The Overpayment Amount will display the amount of the payment that is in excess of the Selected Amount Total. The overpaid amount can be applied as credit to a Customer or as a refund.

The Payment Method determines how the Customer's payment will be processed:

  • Cash: The Customer is paying in Cash, no extra action is needed in the Web Portal.
  • Check: The Customer is paying via Check, no extra action is needed in the Web Portal.
  • Card: The Customer is paying via Credit Card. When you click Create Payment you will be prompted to enter their Credit Card information to process the payment.
  • ACH: The Customer is paying via ACH. When you click Create Payment you will be prompted to enter their ACH information to process the payment.

The Payment Date is the date the payment was made and will default to the current date.

The Reference Number will be available for Cash and Check payments and can be used to add in a reference number for your records.

The Payment Note is for any extra information that needs to be recorded with the payment.

Customer Payment Information

When you set the Payment Method to Credit or ACH, you will be prompted to enter in the Customer's Payment Information to process a payment directly through Fast-Weigh when you click Create Payment.

From here, you can entire the required information for the payment type.
Credit: Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVV.
ACH: Account Type, Account Number, and Routing Number.

You can also check Save for future use to save the Customer's payment information in Fast-Weigh for future payments.

  Note: For either payment method, you must also enter the Billing Address for the Customer.

Once everything is set, click Save And Continue to process the payment.

Creating Cash Invoices

If you need to quickly process a payment for your Cash Tickets, you can navigate to the Tickets tab across the top of the table to create a Cash Invoice. A Cash Invoice will assign an invoice number to the selected tickets, but it will not batch the tickets—you will not find the tickets under New Billing.

To create a cash Invoice, use the checkboxes on the left of the grid to select the Cash Tickets you want to include in the payment.

The right of the cash ticket table will automatically calculate the Invoice Amount Total, and the Invoice Date will default to the current date.

Once the tickets for the Cash Invoice are selected and the Invoice Date is set, click Create Invoice to add the Cash Invoice to the Invoices tab. Once the Cash Invoice has been added, you can then submit a payment for the Customer.