Reviewing AR Balances Due

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

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With the Fast-Weigh AR Module, you can handle invoice payments directly through the Fast-Weigh Web Portal via Cash, Credit, or ACH payments. 

The Customer Balances page allows you to review your outstanding invoices, check your Customers' Credit Standings, and navigate directly to the New Payments screen.



Across the top of the screen, you will see a complete overview of all of your outstanding invoices, organized by the number of days since the Invoice Date.

This page will also show you a table of all of your Customers with open Invoices, along with a drill down into the individual Invoice details

If you want to make a payment towards a Customer's invoice, click on the Payment button to navigate to the New Payments screen.

The Credit Standing button will only show when a Customer has a set Credit Limit. Clicking on Credit Standing will bring up a pop-up box detailing the current credit status of the Customer, including any un-invoiced Tickets.