Using the Proof of Delivery Query

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

To add Proof of Delivery to your Fast-Weigh subscription, contact us at 865-219-2980 or

Proof of Delivery allows you to capture a record of material deliveries via the Fast-Weigh Mobile App. POD automatically records location, date/time, and project delivery information that is immediately available to view on the Web Portal.

Using the POD Query

After you have turned on POD for your Orders and begun receiving tickets on the POD Mobile App, you will be able to use POD Query to view your tickets that are still in transit or have been received.

  • Use the parameters at the top of the table to filter your search by Location, Order, and Date.
    • The Status parameter determines if the query will display tickets that have not been received, have been received, or both
  • After running your query, you can view the details of the Ticket, the Proof of Delivery details, and a map of where the ticket was received. 

FastWeigh POD is an optional feature add-on. To add Proof of Delivery to your FastWeigh subscription, contact us today at 865-219-2980 or